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We, at Perth Paella Parties, are ready to offer personalized Paella equipment on a hire basis. It is quite on expected lines that one will love to throw parties based on Paella cuisine. However, often the guest list is large and one falls short on equipment. It is precisely here that we come into the picture, and being a reputed Paella equipment hire Perth firm, we look to cater to your individual requirements. On the equipment hire list, we offer you pans, burners or even a full gas bottle. Now, even in the pan hire section, one runs into variety in terms of size and shapes. Hence, for our customers, there is plenty to look forward to.

Delivery & Hire only, includes Pan, Burner & Full Gas bottle


800mm pan = $140 each or $225 for 2 pans

900mm pan = $150 40 – 55 guests

1000mm pan = $ 170 60 – 80 guests

1150mm pan = $200


If you have any questions about what’s involved, how to go about hiring equipment or anything else, then give us a call on 0401 374 023, email at

Paella Equipment Hire, Supplies and Catering

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