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At Perth Paella Parties, we offer our customers a wide range of entertainment options. Quite often one needs to feed a large group of individuals. It could be an end-of-the-season gathering or even a picnic occasion. Someone who has cooking skills can certainly achieve it. However, arranging for fresh and quality ingredients is the challenge and that is just where we come into the picture. Our ‘everything supplied you cook in Perth’ package perfectly caters to your personal cooking requirements. We take the onus of arranging for the perfect ingredients so that you can be the master chef and prepare meals to serve palatability to all near and dear ones.


If you have any questions about what’s involved, how to go about hiring equipment or anything else, then give us a call on 0401 374 023, email at

We purchase, prepare and supply all foods products required for your Paella, yes absolutely everything ready to go along with supplying the recipe, pans, burners & gas including delivery and set up. All you do is follow the recipe and instructions – cook, clean up and return the equipment.

Paella Equipment Hire, Supplies and Catering

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